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Cool 3d graphics but I feel like more effort was put into the graphics than game play. Still, not bad.

Cool little challenge!

You have to understand this game to enjoy it. It is NOT Atari Lunar Lander, you only control main descent thrust, angle thrusters are automatic. You have to watch your speed and especially your distance to target and not over or undershoot. If you do it's almost impossible to make it to the target, you'll either run out of fuel or altitude. Just first try and get distance to slow to near zero, then just gently tap the throttle on the way down watching your alt & descent speed. It's not as easy as it seems! One thing, the success/fail sound files are too long, you get tired of waiting for them every time!

Fun challenge

Very fun for a quick moon landing challenge :)

Fun game

You can't be afraid of a good challenge to play this game.


Despite the simple concept and graphics, the fun and challenge factors rock. I've seen the Moon landings and it does look like the final approach. It took me about 10 times to get the bird down at a distance of 54 but I'll try to get better :) Since you have to juggle several parameters it is also an excellent app to train your multitasking skills which are essential if you want to become something like an air-traffic controller. If you are very young train here and maybe you'll be qualified to pilot the first humans to Mars. Just kidding - or am I? ;)

Great Challenge

It's simply a great app at a great price....still haven't mastered it, but in the top ten, and without hours of practice...it's fun. Great Job. Enjoy!


Lame. Did I say lame?


Not very good

Fun fun :D

It's fun and st00f

Great game

Fun game, very simple, I approve. As to the post stating confusion as to how to play, its very simple. You attempt to land the moon lander within 200 meters of the target without destroying it (which is done by touching the surface at more than 1.9 meters/second). You do this by controlling the lander's speed with the "Thrust" button. This will exert force on the craft. By stopping yourself over the targeted area, you can let gravity take over and reach the lunar surface. Just be sure to slow your decent (also done with the thrust button) to under 2 m/s or you will crash. You can find you speed, distance from the target, and remaining fuel by looking at the bar at the bottom. Hope this was helpful.

Ummmmmm........ What?

I don't really get it. They need to add a help option or something. Good idea though

Happy 40th Anniversary Eagle (and Neil, Buz, & Michael...)

This is a GREAT game. Simple to learn, and hard to do. Hallmark of a great game. It's as if you're really in the Eagle, trying to land the thing in tranquility base. I cannot believe I found this on the 40th anniversary of the Eagle landing...! Very nicely done, Memention AB! Addicting. Thanks.

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